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National Technical Consultant for Generation Unlimited partnership at ABH Partners P.L.C Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Category: Consultancy and Training, Development and Project Management, Research and Development


Location: Addis Ababa 


Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)


Employment Type: Contract


Salary: ETB

Job Description


In April 2018, UNICEF initiated the Generation Unlimited (GenU) partnership at the global level, mobilizing public and private sector actors, UN agencies, and civil society organizations around the goal of ensuring every young person (aged 10-24 years) is in education, training or age­ appropriate employment by 2030.

Within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework, and the UN Youth Strategy 2030, GenU will contribute to results related to education, skills, fostering decent work opportunities, and youth entrepreneurship. Like other UN agencies, UNICEF contributes to the implementation of the UN Youth Strategy in several ways, and UNICEF’s engagement in GenU is one of these. On its part, UNDP is forging ahead in implementing this UN Strategy through a lens of youth empowerment, seeking to co-design initiatives that would help youth to become agents of change and to build the capacities needed for youth to empower themselves economically and to promote dialogue and build trust. GenU provides a platform for that to happen. Moreover, UNDP is creating a new capability for decision-makers to explore, experiment, and grow portfolios of mutually reinforcing solutions to tackle complex challenges from multiple angles through its accelerator lab. This will allow UNDP and partners to convene dynamic, new partners around specific local issues and, importantly, allow the solutions that are created to go to a national scale.

The inaugural GenU Executive Board meeting in September 2018, agreed that UNICEF will host the GenU Secretariat until the end of 2020 in what is a transitional phase for GenU. The secretariat consists of a core of UNICEF seconded staff, in addition to others seconded from GenU partners. Longer-term operational modalities for GenU and within that the secretariat are being decided upon as part of the development of the GenU strategy.              ·

GenU is a global partnership of over three dozen of actors. ft is distinct from UNICEF, although UNICEF was the original catalyst and is hosting the secretariat for two years, in addition to still offering the incubating ecosystem of technical capacity. While the GenU Secretariat and UNICEF HQ divisions, Regional Offices and Country Offices will work closely together to support the partnership.

In Apr il 2019, the GenU Global Board was presented with a partnership strategy that recommends the launch of in-country multisector GenU partnerships in frontrunner countries. The Board approved the strategy, creating a strong mandate for GenU to begin implementation.

The GenU in-country public/private platforms aim to attract and pool investment in scalable, bankable initiatives that have the transformational potential for positive youth development outcomes. A meaningful group of focal public-private and civil society leaders, including young people, will be invited to commit formally to join the GenU initiative at country !eve!. Among others, setting up an Executive Board that is co-chaired by government and another partner, prominently involves senior figures from the private sector, the development community, civil society organizations, and young people, with a target of 30% of seats for the latter group is a natural starting point for exploring an evolution into a full-fledged GenU national partnership.

In this context, Ethiopia together with Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa are some of the initially identified frontrunner countries to establish GenU. For instance, in Kenya, under the leadership of President Kenyatta and a Steering Committee co-chaired by the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff and the UN Resident Coordinator, GenU has been launched and is designing investment opportunities for private/public partners and helping to establish stronger links between employers and the education system. In this regard, the UNDP Ethiopia, along with the concerned UN agencies could learn, from other country offices that have a similar context and already initiated GenU so as to emulate an adopted structure for GenU implementation to Ethiopian case.

In every frontrunner country, GenU is being set up and operationalized through a three-tier approach. The first step in this process are various activities in “supporting the GenU movement”. These core activities while being fully aligned with the GenU’s mission and strategic priorities encompass

  • Building a strong knowledge and evidence foundation  by undertaking a Landscape Analysis;
  • Identify, engage and establish a network of like-minded partners (simultaneously to the Landscape Analysis);
  • Undertake advocacy efforts, partnership building as well as engagement activities such a GenU Youth Challenge (simultaneously to the Landscape Analysis);

The Consultant is expected to be physically placed at the JCC offices2 to take the lead -under the overall guidance of the UNICEF supervisor- on the three (3) initial GenU core activities as outlined here.

The Consultant is needed during the initial six (6) months for the establishment of the GenU in Ethiopia. This is also indicated in a joint “Letter of Exchange” between the JCC, UNICEF, and UNDP.

Work area Staff member responsibilities Additional Consultant responsibilities
General Ensure GenU is launched and established in Ethiopia Act as the prime Genu technical focal   point   at   the   hosting government entity
–  Liaise and follow-up with hosting government agency on GenU matters daily
Liaise and initiate discussions with UN Country Team members, International Finance Institutions, other national government agencies. CSOs, young people, the private sector, bilateral donors                                              – Support the setting up of a GenU Board/Advisory Group
Building a strong knowledge and evidence foundation Landscape analysis is undertaken and approved (including country investment framework and road map – Jointly input and guide the Landscape Analysis (LA)
– Ensure the overall Landscape Country  Analysis is  aligned  with  and builds upon government analytical  research  outputs  in general and JCC’s in particular;
– Sharing JCC’s extensive diagnostics, benchmarks,  and evidence-based analyses to expedite GenU’s Landscape Analysis ;
– Shall guide the service provider (in close coordination with the UNICEF supervisor) around existing research outputs and shape the structure of the Landscape Analysis as necessary and accordingly ;
–    In   line   with    the    Consultant’s technical competencies  and work experience  he/she  shall  interact, guide   and   inform   the   service provider  on  research  areas  and or  research  needs  in  line  with GenU’s overall strategic priorities, ToR for the Landscape Analysis and initial research findings                                                                                                     – Together with the service provider ensure adolescents and youth are actively engaged and part of the research
Identify, engage   and
establish  a network of
like-minded partners
– Identify and establish hosting government entity and build partnership and leadership
– Ethiopia GenU partnership established and launched
– Facilitate and establish links to GenU global secretariat at HQ and other GenU Country teams
– Identify, assess and engage potential GenU partnership members based on local in-depth knowledge and familiarity with initiatives and projects
– Leverage own and government networks  of  public  and  private
stakeholders, especially private companies, in line with GenU’s strategic priorities (also for advocacy purposes);
– Pro-actively reach out and build
new networks, especially adolescent and youth as well as enterprise networks in line with GenU strategic priorities
Undertake advocacy
efforts (e.g. GenU Youth Challenge)
– GenU advocacy efforts were undertaken
– GenU   youth engagement activities are undertaken
– Identify, prepare, coordinate and undertake any GenU advocacy efforts, in particular, the Youth Challenge
– Utilize national stakeholder networks to ensure strong country  buy-in and representation
– Identify, utilize and activate existing and newly built youth networks for the launching of GenU and regular engagement
– Hosts and implements any Youth Challenges or other youth engagement approach


The Consultant will ensure that the Generation Unlimited (GenU) hosted by the Jobs Creation Commission (JCC) is established at country-level with all necessary core activities delivered, e.g. support the (i) foundational “Landscape Analysis” research and programmatically ensure GenU/#etworks alignment (ii) initiate a range of cross-sectoral partnerships, especially with the private sector and young people through youth challenges for GenU and (iii) establish the necessary in-country governance mechanism.

Specific tasks 

Specific task Indicator
General # of weekly progress reports to the Supervisor

# formal briefings to Supervisor and or JCC

Building a strong knowledge and evidence


#of government analytical outputs identified

#Landscape Analysis   adaptions recommendations  produced

#  of  technical  guidance  given  to  service provider

#  identified  entry  points  for  adolescent  and youth-led research

Identify, engage and establish a network of

like-minded  partners

# of potential public and private GenU partners identified

# of potential public and private GenU partners engaged (e.g. meetings, phone conversations, emails, etc.)

# of partner assessment reports submitted to UNICEF and JCC

# number of  GenU partner commitments to GenU Ethiopia signed

Undertake advocacy efforts (e.g. GenU Youth Challenge) #of GenU advocacy efforts identified

#  of  GenU  advocacy  efforts  prepared  (e.g.ToR , Agenda, etc)

# of  GenU  advocacy  efforts  undertaken  (

#of Youth Challenges undertaken

# of youth advocacy activities undertaken


The consultant will be hosted by the JCC and report daily to the JCC offices.

  • Any UNICEF liaison established and guided by Supervisor;
  • JCC internal liaison as necessary and as agreed during the onboarding process;
  • Government of Ethiopia engagement as per discussions under approval and supervision of JCC; UNICEF informed and consulted;
  • Any external public, non-governmental and or private GenU-related stakeholder list to be shared with UNICEF and JCC in advance for consultation and agreement;
  • Any adolescent and youth engagement only with prior discussion and approval by UNICEF and JCC;


Expected deliverables 

Activity Deliberable Time
Overall  coordination  and
-Activity plan drafted and shared
– Progress report drafted and shared
–  Five (5) monthly report against deliverables with technical narrative
– One (1) Final report


3rd week of the last working month

Landscape Analysis
– One (1) research process concluded  with draft Landscape Analysis Report
– 12 service provider meeting reports written
and shared
– Coordinated  minimum three (3) youth-led research pieces
In line with Landscape Analysis ToR
Identify,     engage     and
establish a network of like-minded partners and overall partnerships
– Minimum 10 partner commitments to join the GenU partnership created

– Minimum 40 rapid partner assessment reports written and shared based on meetings or other engagements

– One (1) list of potential GenU partners in
Ethiopia (excel table) drafted and shared

After 5 months


During 1st month

Undertake advocacy efforts – Minimum three (3) GenU youth advocacy events held (including Youth Challenge)

– Minimum six (6) youth engagement
meetings held

– One (1) list mapping out GenU advocacy opportunities

As determined


During 1st month

Job Requirements

Expected background and experience 

  • Minimum Master’s degree in economics, business administration, entrepreneurship, sociology, education, pedagogy, anthropology, development studies, psychology, gender studies, international studies or related field;
  • Minimum of seven (7) years progressively responsible professional work experience at national and international levels in the field of youth employment, adolescent and youth education and skills development, entrepreneurship, decent work, and private sector development, and or civic engagement;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) and Amharic (written and spoken); proven track record of high-quality reports, briefing notes, presentations, etc. in English;
  • Minimum of three years (3) project management experience in in the field of youth employment, adolescent and youth education and skills development, entrepreneurship, decent work, and private sector development, and or civic engagement;
  • Proven past work experience with a research institute highly desirable;
  • Proven track record of working with private companies and deep understanding of private sector operations highly desirable;
  • Demonstrated engagement with adolescents and youth and added value;
  • Outstanding pro-active nature in engaging a variety of stakeholders such as youth, private sector companies, NGOs, and government and establish partnership and networks
  • Strong analytical skills in assessing research progress and gaps in the GenU strategic priority areas paired with an overall intellectual curiosity to find solutions
  • Strong English writing skills, aptly summarize and synthesize ideas to senior managers and other audiences
  • Fluency in another official language of Ethiopia is an added value

Payment schedule

  • Monthly upon submission of monthly report;
  • Final payment upon completing of all deliverables and approved a final report to Supervisor;
  • Payments are usually  at the end of the  month and subject to the satisfactory  and quality submission of deliverables;

National Technical Consultant for Generation Unlimited partnership at ABH Partners P.L.C Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 

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