Internal/External Vacancy Announcement REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER

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Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER at Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER
Category: Development and Project Management


Location: Hawasa, SNNPR 


Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)




Job Description

Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) 

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement 


ECDD is an Ethiopian civil society development organization that works with other organizations to promote, facilitate and build organizational capacity to make mainstream government and non-governmental service delivery and development programs accessible to persons with disabilities. ECDD has six program priorities: disability rights, inclusive health services, inclusive education, inclusive livelihoods, social inclusion and protection (SIP) and inclusive humanitarian assistance and emergency response. ECDD has its Head Office in Addis Ababa, and Regional Program Offices in Amhara, SNNPR/Sidama and Tigray Regions. At Regional level, all ECDD programs and projects are managed by a Regional Program Manager.


Description of Tasks

The ECDD Regional Program Manager (RPM) is based in Hawassa/SNNPR, and works under the overall program supervision of the ECDD Program Director, and the administrative supervision of the ECDD Admin/Finance Manager. The RPM is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, supervising, monitoring and reporting on all ECDD program and project activities in Sidama Regional State and SNNPR.


Specifically, the Regional Program Manager will:

1.    Promote and facilitate multi-sectoral disability mainstreaming and collaboration, encouraging communication and synergies between governmental and non-governmental organizations working in various sectors in the region observing ECDD policies, systems and procedures.

2.    Establish and support Program Implementation Teams (PITs) at Regional, Municipal, Zonal and Woreda levels, chaired by the Head of the Bureau/Office of Labour and Social Affairs, and composed of representatives of health, education and women and children’s affairs bureaus/offices, and partner CSOs, FBOs, and DPOs involved in ECDD program/project activities.

3.    Support and supervise all ECDD staff assigned to the regional program office, including Regional Program Coordinators (RPC), Regional M&E Officer (RMEO), Regional Training Officer (RTO), Project Officers (PO), Program Facilitators (PF), and administrative/support personnel.

4.    Perform all admin/finance functions of the regional program office, including the preparation of budgets and the management of financial resources/assets including vehicles, and overseeing proper program budget utilization as directed by the ECDD Admin/Finance Manager.

5.    Prepare and implement a combined annual Regional Master Work Plan of activities, to include all ECDD project activities in the region regardless of funding source, in consultation with ECDD Program Team Leads (PTL), RPCs, and Project Officers, and with Government and NGO partners.

6.    Prepare MOUs, and plan and coordinate all ECDD program and project activities in the region with collaborating CSO, FBO and DPO partners according to the Work Plan.

7.    Manage the implementation and reporting of region-wide programs, and support and supervise the activities of RPCs, as well as the Regional M&E and Training Officers.

8.    Coordinate the planning and implementation, in collaboration with the RMEO, of a Program Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system to record progress and results of program/project activities in the region.

9.    Coordinate the planning and implementation, in collaboration with the RTO, of Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training (DAIT), and other trainings for personnel of collaborating Government Bureaus and Offices, health centers, schools and TVETs, as well as CSO, FBO and DPO partners.

10. Monitor the implementation of all ECDD program and project activities in the region according to the Work Plan.

11. Prepare and submit in a timely manner, to the Regional BOFED, BOLSA and other regional partner offices, periodic reports on the progress and results of implementation, as required by regional authorities and the ECDD Head Office.

12. Coordinate data collection along with RMEO to measure the impact of ECDD program/project activities in the region, in terms of changes in the quality of life of persons with disabilities, and changes in disability inclusion in mainstream organizations.

13. Collect, document and disseminate examples of good practice and lessons learned, and organize an annual regional Learning and Sharing Workshop.

14.  Coordinate with the regional team, PTLs and ECDD SMT for of innovative and high-quality proposals.

15. Represent ECDD in regional platforms, meetings, consultations and other events organized in the region.

16. Facilitate capacity building of regional staff including staff performances appraisal in consultation with the ECDD Training Director and other relevant staff.

17. Responsible for overall safeguarding policy implementation serving as regional Focal Person for Child and Adults-at-risk safeguarding policy of ECDD

18. Undertake such other tasks as may be assigned by the ECDD Program Director and/or the ECDD Admin/Finance Manager.

Job Requirements

Required qualifications:

1. Education – minimum Master’s Degree

2. Professional experience – minimum 8 years of responsibility for the implementation of donor-funded development projects

3. Good understanding of national development policies and strategies, and knowledge of government structures and other organizations active in the region

4. Good knowledge of the Project Implementation Cycle and other development planning, implementation and evaluation tools

5. Previous professional experience working with persons with disabilities desirable

6. Excellent interpersonal relationships and team work

7. Excellent communication skills

8. Able and willing to travel frequently to the project intervention areas

9. Competence in the use of computer applications

Fluency in English and Amharic or Ethiopian Sign Language, knowledge of other Ethiopian languages also

Qualified individuals with disabilities, especially women, are encouraged to apply.  ECDD gives priority in employment to qualified candidates with disabilities.  ECDD will meet any and all required disability adjustment costs to enable individuals with disabilities to meet the requirements of the position.

nternal/External Vacancy Announcement REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER at Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

How to Apply

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