What are the basic requirements for applying a scholarship from Ethiopia?


Applying a scholarship from Ethiopia might not be an easy task, though the result is rewarding if it is carried out properly. First, it requires a personal interest. that interest keeps you searching for it vigorously. And obviously if you are searching for it you will be successful throughout time. Our team has analyzed and point out major requirements in order to be accepted for a scholarship.

Essential Documents

If you are applying for a scholarship, you need to have a readymade pdf file of your educational background. For example if you are applying for an undergraduate scholarship, you need to have all essential (8th, 10th, 12th national examination certificates, birth certificate and your passport).

And if you are applying for Master’s degree you need to submit Degree certificates and transcripts, showing subjects taken and grades achieved. Temporary copies or certificates of graduation will suffice for the first round application.

English language requirements

Yes! This is another decisive requirement of your future scholarship success. Almost all of international scholarship giveaway institutions requires you to pass English language test (TOEFL iBT test or IELTS). In order to pass these tests you need to study some portion of English.

If you are in Addis Ababa you can easily enjoy free courses offered at British Counsel (and there are a lot of free sources on the internet too). In order to be a certified person however, you need to pass the test and you will be charged around 5,000 ETB.

Supportive certificates

If you have contribute an internship among governmental organizations, or NGOs, then those certificates shows your effort to improve your society. And ultimately this might impress the institution you are applying for. Surprisingly some institutions clearly state that they will give a priority to applicants who can proof this kind of effort.

Finally, if you have a patient, and fulfilled the above essential ‘pass marks” then sooner or later you will be successful. in the mean time, you can browse on our scholarship archives here