Scholarship offer from University of Canterbury

Scholarship for Ethiopian from University of Canterbury

Scholarship offer from University of Canterburyscholarship offer from University of Canterbury. University of Canterbury was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College, New Zealand. with more than 100 years of experience of internships, start up incubator programs and global study opportunities, there is something special for everyone at University of Canterbury.

UC offers a range of scholarships, many recognizing factors like academic excellence or sporting achievement. Others have an emphasis on social inclusion and equality and are awarded on the basis of financial need or other hardship. If you are planning to enroll or are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree then there are a wide range of scholarships you can apply for.

Scholarship Provider:

  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Level/Field(s) of study:

  • Eligible Bachelors Degree Program offered at the University of Canterbury.

Number of Scholarships offered:

  • Up to 25 scholarships may be awarded.

Scholarship Target group:

  • International students from any country except New Zealand and Australia.

Scholarship value/duration:

  • The scholarship is currently awarded with values of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. The duration is for one year.


Eligible candidates must be full-fee-paying international students and may not be citizens of New Zealand or Australia, or holders of New Zealand residence class visas. They must be completing, or have completed on or after 1 January of the year before the year of application, a University Entrance-level qualification that permits entry into a University of Canterbury undergraduate degree programme.

Candidates must have applied for admission to the University by 15 August in the year prior to their intended first year of enrolment at the University.

Application instructions:

The online application system will begin accepting applications eight weeks before the closing date.

Deadline is 15 August 2018.

please do not forget to use the link below in order to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Website:   Official Scholarship Website:

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