IT Engineer at Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Plc

  • IT Engineer at Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Plc
  • May 1

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    IT Engineer at Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Plc Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

    Location: Addis Ababa 
    Career Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
    Employment Type: Full time
    Salary: Negotiable and Attractive

    Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities…

     1 Network implementation and maintenance (Important)

    • Responsible for regional/office network implementation and maintenance, including WAN/LAN/Voice solution design, network equipment’s configurations and deployment, network system troubleshooting and health checking.

    2 System implementation and maintenance

    • Responsible for system implementation and maintenance, including windows server system, web application system, database and storage system.

    3 IT infrastructure construction and maintenance (Important)

    • Responsible for IT infrastructure construction and maintenance, including IT server room, structure cabling system, video conference system, UPS, Air conditioning and Environment monitor etc.

    4 Supplier management

    • Responsible for service provider quotation, biding, negotiation and supervising the engineering work provided by service provider.

    5 Help desk support and user training (Important)

    • Responsible for user desktop/laptop, scanner, printer support, helps resolving problematic events.
    • Responsible for desktop/laptop provision, prepare corporate standard OS/Software/Application and security settings before distribute to end users.
    • Responsible for user training on IT platforms/OA/Application/Services.

    Job Requirements

    •  3 years or more in IT infrastructure fields with Bachelor or above degree
    • Major in computer or information related technologies
    •  Fluent English is a must, read ,speak and write English very well
    •  Have a working experience in big company, the service user are more than three hundreds.

    Knowledge and skills:

    1) Proficient in TCP/IP technologies.

    2) Familiar with WAN technologies, knows corporate-level network architecture, knows data communications such as Frame Relay, PPP and MPLS. Proficient in routing protocols and configurations, such as BGP, OSPF etc. Familiar with Huawei routers is preferred.

    3) Familiar with LAN technologies, knows building-level LAN architecture. Proficient in common LAN protocols and configurations, such as VLAN, STP etc. Familiar with Huawei switches is preferred.

    4) Familiar with Windows server systems, such as AD (Active Directory), DNS, DHCP, Web server, SQL server etc. Proficient in server troubleshooting and maintenance. Knows disk arrays, SAN/NAS storage etc.

    5) Skillful in IT infrastructure items, such as server room facilities, structure cabling system, UPS, door access control/CCTV, Air conditioning etc.

    6) Skillful in laptop/desktop, OS, office software troubleshooting and maintenance.

    Professional certifications from third parties (optional)

    CCNA, or CCNP,  or  HCNA, or  HCNP

    How to Apply

    Submit your application through email only.

    [email protected]

    IT Engineer at Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Plc Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 

    About Company

    Huawei Technologies Ethiopia Plc

    Job Information

    Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 01 May 2020

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